Growing Your Business with Customs Brokers in Canada

A common misconception held by many small businesses or ones with small budgets is that only established and big businesses that can benefit from the different savings brought by hiring a customs broker. The truth is that any Canadian business engaged in export or import transactions needs to reach customers. And if your customers are located across the border, you will certainly require the services provided by a customs broker, especially one with experience that covers the North American region.


Wage Garnishments In Canada

wage garnishment

Depending on whom the creditor is, if you have owed substantial amount of money such as debt, loans, taxes, and child support for a long time, the your wages can be garnished. Wage Garnishment in Canada is a legal term and process where a creditor uses a third party to collect the funds owed through the debtor’s bank account or wages. If you fail to pay your creditor, they can seek a court order to obtain the funds that are owed to them and ask for a garnishment from the debtors. Through garnishment, they can seize portions of your salary, tax refunds, money in your bank, or other wages.