Growing Your Business with Customs Brokers in Canada

A common misconception held by many small businesses or ones with small budgets is that only established and big businesses that can benefit from the different savings brought by hiring a customs broker. The truth is that any Canadian business engaged in export or import transactions needs to reach customers. And if your customers are located across the border, you will certainly require the services provided by a customs broker, especially one with experience that covers the North American region. The Orbit Brokers website may be able to provide you with more information.

Vast ExperienceCustoms brokers, by virtue of what they do, have vast experience in all aspects that touch on customs. Therefore, you stand to gain from their expertise as you conduct your daily export/import business. Not only do they provide advice on duties, tariffs, taxes, and landing costs, but also keep you informed about what is trending so that you can modify your products and shipments accordingly. They are best suited to alert you if your shipments are meeting all that is required by Canadian export/import regulations, as well as what modifications can be made in case something is missing.

Saves Time & Money

Engaging the services of a customs broker will certainly be big plus when it comes to time saving. The kind of paperwork required, the extensive procedures and lots of other customs details are best dealt with by someone who knows and is trained do that. As the broker handles those hassles, you will have more time on your hands to focus on other aspects of running your business.

Because these brokers are handling endless customs-related issues each day, it means they are likely to know how to navigate through the processes much faster than less seasoned individuals. Automation and technology have greatly impacted business today and customs is not any different.

All customs brokers, for example, are required by law to have, at the bare minimum, some form of automated systems that facilitate the exchange of shipment data between Canada and U.S. Customs. The time and financial savings of quicker processes are obvious as things move faster and you can even avoid some unnecessary taxes or export and import fees.

Bottom Line

When you engage a reputable customs broker whose interest is to see you succeed, it has the potential of helping you reach new global markets while at the same time keeping your compliance risks and costs low.

Similar to any professional service, when engaging a customs broker, you will want to ensure that your business is getting value for money. The fact is that customs brokers can provide your business with a diversity of export/import services. Understanding what is on offer and the potential benefits go a long way in making sure the relationship you have with your customs broker is not only profitable but also successful. The Orbit Brokers & Forwarders Inc. website may be able to provide you with more information.

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