Right Game Reflection Car Car Sticker - B07G9WJ91C
Right Game Reflection Car Car Sticker - B07G9WJ91C
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  • 1 decal size: length 16 cm x height 14 cm

  • Get those heads turning in the Streets and get more noticed

  • Great Novelty and make your Car more Fun

  • Release yourself and protect in the name of personality

  • Installed in the front, parking spaces, side, not the same cool

  • Color Name:White

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    1. If attached to the surface of glass or tile, as the material is relatively smooth, it is better to use a clean cloth to dry the single board before sticking, making it easier to paste and better flat effect.

    2, some large pattern stickers, flattened may have a little bubble, when you can use a scraper card to remove bubbles or needle spines to wear small bubbles, without affecting the overall coordination;

    Three. If the wall is wet, aged or just painted with new paint, it may cause the wallpaper to fall off automatically after peeling, or it may cause the wall to fall off. You can use the hair dryer to blow the wall or paint the surface to evaporate for a period of time.

    4. If you accidentally put the sticker on the wall in the wrong place, gently pry the corner with a small knife and paste it again. The product can be used repeatedly under normal conditions, provided that it is not torn apart.

    5, DIY series of products, small volume, can play unlimited creativity, free arrangement of shape and position, you can first use scissors to cut out the pattern, pay attention to not to damage the pattern in cutting.

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    Right Game Reflection Car Car Sticker - B07G9WJ91C