Stars set of 108 vinyl wall pattern sticker decals (Metallic Gold) - B06XKMSCLT
Stars set of 108 vinyl wall pattern sticker decals (Metallic Gold) - B06XKMSCLT
Product Code: B06XKMSCLT
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  • Set of 108 stars- 3"- 28 stars; 2"- 30 stars; 1"- 50 stars - Lots of great colors to choose from

  • All of our colors are a matte finish except for our metallic colors which have a nice subtle shimmer to them but are not glossy.

  • PLEASE READ: Before clicking "Add to Cart" be sure that it says "Sold by Vinyl Lettering Wall Decals". Any other sellers listed on this item are doing so illegally because VINYL LETTERING WALL DECALS is the manufacturer and we do NOT sell to re-sellers. We cannot guarantee the quality of counterfeit decals.Counterfeit decals can have jagged edges and either do not stick at all or they take the paint off your wall upon removal. We are the manufacturer and the ONLY seller of our products.

  • This decal is an original design/decal made with HIGH QUALITY vinyl ONLY by VINYL LETTERING WALL DECALS. It is made in the USA and only shipped by VINYL LETTERING WALL DECALS. This decal is NOT made in China, and will never be shipped by a 3rd party. We have been in business since 2004 and are one of the leading Vinyl Decal sellers in the world.

  • We provide detailed application instructions along with a customer service phone number in case you have any questions about application. Vinyl decals can be used in so many ways, they can be applied straight to a wall or be used on numerous surfaces including by not limited to; wood, metal, plastic, paper, ceramic, and glass. Decals are perfect for crafts, making almost any project easy for all.

  • Color:Metallic Gold

    Vinyl decals are the newest trend in home décor! They are much easier. cheaper, cleaner and quicker than stencils or paint and look better too! Our wall decals are made in the USA from high quality self-adhesive vinyl, they are easy to install, last for years and are completely removable when you are ready. These can be used on the wall as pictured or on items to customize for parties, they are very versatile and fun to use! All of our colors have a matte finish except for our metallic colors, which have a nice shimmer to them! Your design is computer cut exactly like you see it in the picture. Vinyl decals can be applied to most smooth surfaces including walls (smooth or slightly textured), windows, wood, metal, etc. There are endless fun and creative ways to use vinyl!

    Stars set of 108 vinyl wall pattern sticker decals (Metallic Gold) - B06XKMSCLT